• Public announcement of the list of personnel passing the preliminary professional technical qualification evaluation of enterprise engineering technicians in Lishui City in 2019 (III) (independent eva

    2019-11-29 14:02:44 admin 156

    According to the spirit of notice of Lishui human resources and Social Security Bureau on carrying out the evaluation of junior and middle professional titles of enterprise engineering technicians in 2019 (lirenshe [2019] No. 147), it was approved by the evaluation meeting of professional and technical qualification evaluation group of 11 pilot units of enterprise industry independent evaluation, such as Zhejiang brothers Star Auto Parts Co., Ltd., and Lishui enterprise engineering technicians intermediate professional After the examination and approval of the industrial technical qualification review committee and the examination and approval of our bureau, Xiang Jianhua and other 193 people have the intermediate professional and technical qualification of engineering and technical personnel of the enterprise. According to the relevant regulations, the list of persons passing the review is now publicized.

    During the publicity period, any unit or individual can report the problems of the publicity object to Lishui human resources and Social Security Bureau through letters, calls, visits and other forms.

    Publicity time: from December 2, 2019 to December 6, 2019.

    Contact number: professional and technical personnel management office 2091243;

    Discipline inspection team 2091210; fax 2091240.

    Mailing address: Office 1128, chamber of Commerce building, Lishui City

    Postal Code: 323000.